9 stvari koje svaki poduzetnik može naučiti od Woodyja Allena

Baš zanimljiv članak. Posebno aktualno mi se čini ovo:[quote=""]4. Productivity. To put out a movie every year or so, plus plays, magazine stories, books. you would think Woody Allen works around the clock. From a 1980 interview, “If you work only three to five hours a day you become very productive. It’s the steadiness of it that counts. Getting to the typewriter every day is what makes productivity.”

He states later in the interview that when he was younger he liked to get things out in one impulsive burst but he learned that was a “bad habit” and that he likes to wake up early, do his work, and then set it aside for the next day.

Probably the most productive schedule is to wake up early – do your work before people stop showing up at your doorstep, on your phone, in your inbox, etc, and leave off at the point right when you are most excited to continue. Then you know it will be easy to start off the next day.

I read in a recent interview that it takes Allen a month to write a comedy and three months to write a drama. On three to five hours a day it shows me he writes every day, he’s consistent, and he doesn’t waste time with distractions (going to parties, staying out late, etc)[/quote]

hvala na preporuci, stvarno ima korisnih stvari :slight_smile:

ovo što si citirao mi možda i najviše treba, jer nekada sedim 10 sati za kompjuterom i imam utisak da sam radio ceo dan, a nisam uradio ništa… a nekad za 45 minuta obavim mnogo posla :slight_smile:

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