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Možda ja sebi previše umišljan al iman dojam da je ovo doli rezultat šta san ih danas oštraca ki magarce. Odgovorili su jako bezobrazno, a ovaj tren san dobija ovo:

From: Ad Click Xpress [email protected]
To: Davor [email protected]
Subject: New Withdrawal Option Coming Soon to ACX
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2013 22:57:36 +0200
Reply-To: “[email protected]
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Greetings Davor!

As always, we want to welcome our new members to
the ACX Family. We understand why people join ACX,
and we want to assure you that we will do everything
we can to help all members reach their financial goals.

Withdrawal Options–

Last Friday on the EMG Conference Call, it was announced
that ACX would be offering more options for withdrawals that
don’t include the use of the Green Light notification system.
We believe there is nothing more important for a member
than to be able to withdraw their earnings when they want them.

However, in order to create conditions where all members have
an equal opportunity to withdraw on demand, specific
compromises will be a necessary part of these new changes.
In the long term, we believe this is the best scenario to provide
withdrawals on demand AND still protect the stability of the
company. We must always do what is best for ACX, because
ultimately that is what is best for all members.

We truly expect that the new Media Xchange will greatly
increase the length of the withdrawal times of the current
Green Light System, but members are still welcome to convert
their accounts and participate in the new withdrawal system,
as briefly outlined below.

The Current Withdrawal System - Green Light

Because some members need the Green Light system to be
able to withdraw from the smaller pay processors, this option
will remain in place. However, there may be some changes
to the current structure. Members may conclude that the
Green Light system is still the best withdrawal option for their
personal circumstances.

  • Green Light system will continue to provide notification when
    Payment Processors are open

  • All Pay Processors will be available (including the new Payment
    Processor coming on board soon)

  • Withdrawal limits on each Pay Processor will be regulated to
    insure equal opportunities for all members

  • Withdrawals will be allowed for up to 100% of Daily Sales
    Commissions (DSC are the daily earnings from Ad Packs and

  • The parameters and conditions of the current Withdrawal
    System are subject to change

The withdrawal system above is currently in use.

Members will soon be able to choose a new system, as

New Withdrawal System - NO Green Light for Payza and
SolidTrust Pay

Due to frustrations of not being able to withdraw except when
a green light appears, sometimes for only seconds at a time,
a withdrawal option that is available on demand will be offered
very soon - we understand that many members do not have
the time to watch the green light system.

  • Members who choose the new Withdrawal Option will be given
    the opportunity to withdraw from daily earnings through SolidTrust
    Pay and Payza only

  • Withdrawals will be limited to 25% of Daily Sales Commissions
    and Referral Commissions

Example: If a member earns $80 a day from Daily Sales
Commissions (DSC) and $40 a day from Referral Commissions,
the maximum withdrawal amount per day is $30.

($80+$40) x 25% = $30

  • This means that 75% of all daily earnings will be credited
    to the ACX Wallet and can only be used for repurchasing
    or other services, including the new Media Xchange.

  • Funds not credited to the ACX Wallet can be used to
    purchase all ACX products as well

  • Withdrawal limits on each Pay Processor will be regulated to
    insure equal opportunities for all members

  • The parameters and conditions of the new Withdrawal System
    are subject to change

The new Withdraw System will soon be presented to all
members, but if you do nothing, you will remain subject
to the rules of the current Green Light System.

We believe the new 25/75 Rule of the new Withdrawal System
will benefit members because it will allow for daily withdrawals
while still ensuring growth in the Ad Pack/Panel systems.

Please remember that these new withdrawal options are being
offered because we want to give all members an equal
opportunity to get access to their earnings. We must, however,
be vigilant in taking care of ACX. A robust company means
long-term earning opportunities for our members.

We understand that confidence is an important component of
any money-making program and are happy to offer you these
choices for your withdrawals. We also appreciate that you will
continue to share this amazing program with everyone you meet.
The more we grow, the better and stronger we all become.

Thank you for your commitment to ACX. We will continue to offer
you the best service we know how.

ACX Executive Team

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