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Dobio sam mail od registra NameSilo da se svi moramo prijaviti na WHOIS…
mail glasi:

As you may know, ICANN recently implemented several new rules related to domain registration. One of the biggest changes relates to a requirement for registrars to verify contact information used in WHOIS for all domains. If WHOIS data cannot be verified, registrars are required to deactivate domains within 15 days of notification. This is a rule that applies to all accredited registrars, and many have already implemented the verification in their systems.

We have resisted adding the verification checks for as long as possible as our view is that the ICANN requirements do not solve for their intended purpose and will likely result in legitimate domain registrants having their domains deactivated. Unfortunately, to maintain the good standing of our accreditation with ICANN, we will be implementing WHOIS verification enforcement starting November 1, 2014.

This means that you will be required to verify the email address(es) listed for the Registrant role for domains in your account. This is only required to be done once per email address and verification is simple and does not even require logging into your account.

Our system has recently sent one email for each email address used as a domain Registrant in your account. It is critical that you follow the directions in those emails to verify your email address. As noted in those emails, verification can either be accomplished by clicking the link in the email, or by visiting our web site and entering your email address and a short code provided in the verification email. Once you perform that step, nothing more will be required for any existing or future domains in your account using the same email address.

Our system will also be sending several email reminders as the October 28, 2014 deadline approaches.

For our resellers, the email verifications will be sent similarly to other system notices in that they will be private-labeled and also reference the generic web site without mention of NameSilo. You will also receive email reminders as the account holders so that you can proactively ensure that your customers verify their email addresses.

Moving forward, any new domain registrations or inbound transfers using a new email address not already verified will be required to verify their email address within 15 days to avoid deactivation.

You can visit the following page in your account at any time to see a list of verified and unverified email address in your account. You can also use the page to re-send verification emails in the event you lost or did not receive the initial email:

Šta kazete na novapravila ICANN-a ?

Izgleda da nisi shvatio. Ovo pravilo za verifikaciju email adresa je davno uvedeno, ali se Namesilo protivio time od Januara ili Decembra (ako se ne varam) do sada i sada moraju uvesti navedeno…

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