Scam ili? (linknami)

Ovo sam dobio na mail maloprije:


my name is Anna Delonis, I am working for the social advertising portal at

I found your website while browsing interesting websites and blogs and would like to ask if you are interested in earning money with your website on a fixed monthly-recurring basis by publishing banner and text ads sitewide or on individual pages or by writing reviews about other sites, products and services and publish that are relevant to your website topics.
You can also earn money with your twitter and facebook profiles just by posting interesting and relevent messages to your followers, friends and fans.

Linknami offers one of the highest payout structures in the industry with up to 90% commission payout to publishers (industry standard 50), earnings can be withdrawn any time via paypal, moneybookers, check or wire and you are not limited to certain payout periods.

Alternatively, Linknami also offers free tools that allow you to promote your website like guest blogging on niche relevant blogs, getting contextual one way links from relevant websites in a completely search-engine-friendly way, and a link exchange catalog to connect you with fellow website owners.
If you are lacking content, you can add your website and browse our catalog of unique guest articles that have never been published before or wait until you receive new article publishing requests.

If you are interested in earning money and/or using the free tools to promote your website now or in the future, just signup at
and add your website details in the user area. You can manage all your websites and social profiles from one central user interface.

If you are not interested in earning money or promoting your website for free, I would like to apologise for taking your time reading this message.

If you need any further information regarding the Linknami tools or if you have any questions regarding setup, do not hesitate to contact me personally.

Kind regards,


je li to išta vrijedno pažnje ili da spakiram taj mail fino u spam? Poslali su mi to na kontakt koji sam ostavio na svom blogu (koji nije ništa posebno, ne kužim uopće zašto su mi se javili… :D)


Spakiraj u spam. Nitko se nije javio tebi osobno - to je pismo poslano na jedno deset milijuna drugih e-mail adresa skinutih s interneta.

da i mislio sam… jedino gdje piše barem ime (link) bloga je u subjectu… ok, fala :slight_smile:

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