Service Notice: DoubleClick for Publishers & DoubleClick Ad Exchange

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Dear Customer,

We’ve identified certain vendor files that may contain XSS vulnerabilities which could pose a security risk. Please check if you are hosting these files and remove them with the help of your webmaster. These are the currently identified third-party vendor files:

  1. adform/IFrameManager.html

  2. admotion/afa-iframe.htm

  3. bonzai/bonzaiBuster.html

  4. exponential/buster.html

  5. eyeblaster/addineyeV2.html

  6. eyewonder/interim.html

  7. flashtalking/ftlocal.html

  8. ipinyou/py_buster.html

  9. jivox/jivoxibuster.html

  10. mediaplex/mojofb_v9.html

  11. mixpo/framebust.html

  12. predicta/predicta_bf.html

  13. rockabox/rockabox_buster.html

  14. liquidus/iframeX.htm

  15. controbox/iframebuster.html

  16. spongecell/spongecell-spongecellbuster.html

  17. unicast/unicastIFD.html

  18. adrime/adrime_burst.2.0.0.htm

  19. revjet/revjet_buster.html

  20. kpsule/iframebuster.html

We have disabled these vendors where possible for all DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange customers. However, any of the mentioned files hosted on your site may still pose a risk and should be taken down. We will notify you as we learn more.

For more information please refer to this Help Center article.

The DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange Teams

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To su svi dobili. Ako koristis iframe bustere od doticnih firmi makni ih…

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