Ruski hakeri odgovorni za Methbot najveću klik prevaru u istoriji!

meni ovo što kažu 3 miliona dolara dnevno zvuči prilično nevjerovatno, koje su to mreže imale toliki promet, na koliko naloga su išle isplate, koliko su sajtova imali … kontam da je ovo sve prenapuhano

Volume and Estimated Financial Impact
Advanced Techniques to Avoid Detection
Operational Infrastructure
• $3 to $5 million in revenue per day for its operators
• CPMs ranged from $3.27 to $36.72 with the average being $13.04
• 200 - 400 million video ad impressions generated per day on fabricated inventory
• 250,267 distinct URLs spoofed to falsely represent inventory
• 6,111 premium domains targeted and spoofed
• High value marketplaces targeted including PMPs
• 852,992 dedicated IPs, many falsely registered as US ISPs
• 800 - 1,200 dedicated servers operating from data centers in the
United States and the Netherlands
• Faked clicks, mouse movements, and social network login information to
masquerade as engaged human consumers
• Manipulation of geolocation information associated with the IP addresses
under their control
• Special case countermeasures against code from over a dozen different
ad tech companies
• Fully custom http library

Pogle koliko su koristili IPa ddressa

Možda sada onom dečku bude jasnije što su bootovi :smiley:


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